Want To Hire

Having the right equipment makes all the diffrence.

Whatever the size of your workshop, Heavylift Company can provide leasing or rental options. This means you can service your customer’s vehicles more efficiently even if you don’t have the capability to pay outright cash. We offer tailored rental & lease solutions to clients striving to update their workshops with no upfront expenditure.

workshop equipment rentals and leasing options:

  • Hire the workshop equipment you need allowing you to use your capital to expand your business.
  • Lease workshop equipment to get the most current technology at affordable rates.
  • Hire or lease to own the workshop equipment. Use this option to own the must-have workshop equipment through affordable monthly payments.

We give our clients the freedom to choose their lease duration. You can hire equipment for up to 5 years, depending on your needs.

The purpose of our workshop equipment rentals and lease solutions is to bridge the gap between your budget constraints and your workshop needs. Our experienced sales staff and financing experts will work with you to create customised solutions to allow you to get the equipment you need to optimise your service centre.

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